Business & Technology Alignment

Technology is great… if it's the right technology and people know how to use it. Understanding the goals of the business and breaking through technology jargon to align investments with overarching strategy is where we thrive.

Whether it’s creating a 3-year technology roadmap, identifying the right programmatic and technology elements to foster an innovative culture, or redesigning a business process; we know how to effectively drive collaborative decision making to ensure success. 

                    •    Technical capability assessment                    •    Business process design
                    •    Emerging technology evaluation                  •    Customized software and mobile applications                                     •    Vendor selection & management                 •    Software and database application integration

Business Strategy

Strategy is as much about knowing what not to do as it is about knowing what to do. To start, we listen. Through workshops, brainstorming sessions and one-on-one meetings we bring an objective, intellectual curiosity to the partnership. Often, we find that key team members differ on strategic direction, identification of priorities and measurements of success. We help companies evaluate, develop, and execute their business strategies. We partner with you to find the right strategic direction for your business.

                      •    Strategic planning workshops                        •    Market opportunity analysis
                      •    Business plan development                            •    Brand positioning & marketing communications  
                      •    Organizational structure                                •    Operational plans